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Roast Chicken

Get slow cooked "Roast" Chicken flavor in just 30 minutes.

Roasting chicken in the oven is the usual path to crisp skin and moist meat, but this traditional method takes more than an hour, which can be impractical when you need the oven for other dishes or haven't got the time to spare. Our goal was to create "roast" chicken with crisp, golden skin and evenly cooked, juicy meat in just 30 minutes. One skillet and a trick from Chinese cookery were all we needed.

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Blueberry Pie

The secret to our best blueberry pie wasn't the blueberries.

We wanted a foolproof Blueberry Pie recipe with a balanced flavor (the right mix of sweet and tart) and a balanced texture (neither a puddle of blueberry juice topped by a soggy crust nor a thick, dense brick better named "glue-berry" pie). Most recipes use tapioca, but use too much and you end up with a pasty, gummy-like filling; use too little and you have soup. By substituting most of the tapioca with this surprising ingredient, we achieved the taste and texture we were after.

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Equipment Ratings: Testing Traditional Skillets.

A good all-purpose skillet should last a lifetime, but does top quality construction command top dollar? We tested seven traditional skillets to determine if high price equals high performance. Our top rated model, is in fact, the most expensive of the bunch ($135), but our runner-up was also our "Best-Buy" choice (just $65) and beat all other models costing as much as $120.

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